Whenever I reminisce with people about school life and what was good about it, most people always end up at some really good teacher. Students need good teachers to help them explore, dream, care, become lifelong learners. Teachers who bring their passion and motivation to the role, make a real difference in many student’s lives and how they feel about school. Chen is such a teacher. But unsurprisingly, she is also one that the system was ready to boot out more than once. This is another example for our educational system not being able to accomodate students with special needs and often times exceptionally bright people as well. The school system now only seems to be interested in generating graduates who are only slightly above mindless drones for the economy. Now Chen is in the system to change it. To show that it can be done differently. Without such people as Chen we will never be able to change the education system. These are the people we need, these are the people we need to listen to!

The Chen Miller Story – Special Educational Needs Teacher, December 8, 2016