The problem with today’s training department is that it is actually not “today’s”, but “yesterday’s”. It is trying to manage their employees’ learning instead of focusing on how to make the learning itself be more exciting and useful. As Josh Bersin wrote in his article, „you look at the course catalog, you enroll in a course, you start the course, and then you traverse through until you complete it“ – that’s not how we can keep doing it any longer!

We live in a world that has self-driving cars, chatbots, AI and robotics, and never-ending streams of content. „We click on videos, articles, and sometimes long form content right in“. Therfore, we cannot expect anything to stay the same.

We don’t need training courses with one person lecturing us from up front on something any longer. What we need is acceptance – being allowed, even during workhours, to browse and explore the internet and thereby getting inspired by videos, articles and the likes, in order to have a chance at turning ourselves into our very own teachers. „Learning through teaching“, just like it’s already possible at quofox: The platform enables everybody to publish any instructional content (webinar, video, ebook, audio, …) and publish them by topic as well.

We have to face up to the fact that we have to accept that because learning happens over time. It doesn’t happen just by sitting in a classroom or watching a webinar.

Josh Bersin: A New World of Corporate Learning Arrives: And It Looks Like TV, June 10, 2017