There’s an amount of articles popping up telling us that the „new learning“ should be like watching a movie. Just recently, I shared an article of Josh Bersin in which he described that learning should look like TV. Karl Mehta and Rob Harles agree with him and suggest in their article „In the knowledge economy, we need a Netflix of education“ also a learning à la TV style.

Personally, I do like the approach – as I liked the Spotify approach for e-learning of Sandhya Hedge in October 2016 – because it should be possible to quickly find content that we’re looking for and discover learning content curated for our needs, including content related to ones we’ve already viewed. But what I miss in the idea of „Netflix learning“ is an online learning experiences where it’s always possible to ask or collaborate with somebody, as well as share content. It must be possible in this „truly interactive and impactful learning experience“ to discuss and debate with other learners from all over the world, written or verbally.

What do you think?

Karl Mehta and Rob Harles: In the knowledge economy, we need a Netflix of education, July 4, 2017

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