Human-automation creation must end

by Daniela Wolf

“Most people when they talk about the future of work are talking about the future of paid work. But the future of work must recognize all work.” That is not only my point of view, but also from Scott Santens who wrotes a very interesting article in which he points out – among other things – that “human-automation creation must end. To succeed in a world of automation will require being as unmachinelike as possible. The entire education system will need to be retooled around no longer teaching kids what to think but how to think.” I completely agree to him, also “that unconditional basic income needs to be a key characteristic of the future of work”. We are at a turning point, one at which we need to decide whether our future becomes a force of joy, where money isn’t the „driver“, or a force of oppressive misery.

Scott Santens: Stop Teaching Students What to Think. Teach Them How to Think, September 26, 2017

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