• digitaleberufe.at (AT), eine Plattform um Ein- und Überblick in die Zukunft der digitalen Berufswelt zu bekommen
  • gotara.com, a global career growth platform for women in STEM with a mission to close the gender gap in STEM fields that offers free membership and advice, inspiration, and coaching – all from senior leaders who have walked in your shoes


  • SheHacks, all-female and non-binary 36 hour hackathon, which aims to help individuals who are subject to gender discrimination realize they belong in tech


  • Sego Lily Hacks, Salt Lake City’s first virtual hackathon for women and non-binary individuals in high school and university from all around the world
  • Technica, hackathon for underrepresented genders, hosted annually by students at the University of Maryland
  • TechNova, University of Waterloo’s First Global Women+ in Tech Hackathon
  • TechTogether, gender-focused hackathons for people of marginalized genders across the US